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Agency, Distribution and Franchise

Al-Hossam Legal has decades of experience in a wide array of agency, distribution, and franchise matters and regularly assists clients (acting for principals, manufacturers, and franchisors as well as for agents, distributors, and franchisees) in the negotiation and drafting of agreements which present high-stakes issues for local, national, and international businesses. We know what can go wrong, and we are able to guide our clients so they mitigate their legal risks from the beginning.

We also handle court disputes and arbitration proceedings which relate to the mandatory Kuwaiti law of compensation granted to local agents, distributors, and franchisees on termination or expiry of relationships and de-registration of the agreement with the Commercial Agency Register with the MOCI.

The firm focuses on the following services:

  • Agency, distributorship, and franchise agreements.
  • Co-operation and dealer agreements.
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Logistical related services agreements.
  • Sponsorship agreements.
  • Trademark and technology licenses.
  • Advice on impact of mandatory local laws.
  • Advice on tactics that can be employed to deal with implication of local laws.
  • Advice on registration and deregistration in the Commercial Agency Register.
  • Taxation of principals, manufacturers, and franchisors.
  • Agency, distribution and franchise court litigations and arbitration proceedings.