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Al-Hossam Legal has decades of experience in providing comprehensive advisory and litigation services for the full spectrum of Kuwaiti domestic tax laws and bilateral taxation treaties. We are well versed in the details of taxation issues, evolving court precedents, and tax authority trends.

The firm focuses particularly on the following services:

  • Corporate income tax for foreign entities doing business in or with Kuwait.
  • Advice on tax efficient corporate structure.
  • Arranging for a KDIPA license for a 10-year tax exemption on direct investment.
  • Reviewing contracts for a tax efficient operation.
  • Advising local companies on Zakat and National Labour Support Tax.
  • Assisting clients on tax planning.
  • Representing clients in negotiation with local tax authorities.
  • Representing clients in tax objections before local tax authorities, and processing up to the Tax Appeal Committee.
  • Representing clients in all tax disputes and litigation.