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Construction & Procurement

Al-Hossam Legal provides full legal services for construction and procurement matters on behalf of owners, developers, contractors, suppliers, facility managers, engineers, and architects on all types of public, infrastructure, and private projects.

The firm focuses in particular on the following services:

  • Site selection, land use, and zoning.
  • Licensing requirements.
  • Acquisition and security on title.
  • Corporate and project finance.
  • Preparation of project documents (pre-qualification documents, bidding documents, and other front-end materials).
  • Review and advice on tenders and auctions requirements by the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) and other tendering ministries, public agencies, companies, contracts, sub-contracts, documentations, and local laws.
  • Negotiating agreements for design, construction, supply, and project management.
  • Advice on issues of performance and contractual compliance.
  • Pursuing and defending claims involving construction defects, design defects, bid protests, change orders, architectural errors, warranty, decennial liability, payment bonds, and insurance.
  • Dispute services, including dispute boards, expert determination, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and litigation.